Dr Orford has been practicing IVF since 2001. In 2007 he became one of the founding directors of Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast, and Fertility Solutions Bundaberg, and in 2013 became one of the founding directors of Affordable IVF Sunshine Coast & Bundaberg.

Since 2010 Dr Orford has been Medical Director of Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast & Bundaberg  and since opening in 2013 he has been Medical Director of Affordable IVF Sunshine Coast & Bundaberg.

These clinics have performed thousands of fertility treatments, and being self owned (ie not by a large IVF corporation which dictates treatment from afar) can concentrate on a personalised service, putting the couple at the centre of the plan.  

Infertility is medically defined as the inability to conceive within 12 months of trying. By this stage 80-90% of couples, having regular midcycle intercourse will have conceived. Therefore about 1 in 6 couples will fall into the group of fertility problems. This figure increases as women age.  

We usually recommend trying for 12 months before seeking medical advice, but a history of irregular periods, painful periods, pain with intercourse, suspected male factor reasons,  previous fertility issues, or womans age > 35 may indicate the need for earlier investigation and / or treatment. 

Success with fertility treatments are usually closely correlated to a woman’s age, regardless of whether couples are trying naturally, or with assistance.  

Through Dr Orford, and Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast (or Bundaberg), investigations into fertility includes:

  • Ovulation patterns
  • Ovarian reserve
  • Semen analysis
  • Fallopian tube patency
  • Detection and treatment of endometriosis/adhesions - via laparoscopy (

Treatments options once investigations are completed may include:

  • Continuing trying naturally if all looks ok, or a detected issue has been treated
  • Induction of ovulation with natural conception
  • Induction of ovulation with in-utero insemination (IUI) with partners semen (or donor if required)
  • IVF

These services are provided through Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast (or Bundaberg), and Affordable IVF (Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg). We strive to individualise and personalise care to make what can be a very difficult time more management and less stressful.

NEWS:  Affordable IVF and Fertility Solutions is amalgamating.


What’s happening with Affordable IVF and Fertility Solutions?

We are currently rebranding and refreshing our business model with the vision of delivering excellence in fertility solutions whilst providing affordable options for our patients. We want to be able to provide our patients with more flexible and affordable fertility treatments under the one roof.

2.  How will the amalgamation affect me? 

There should be no effect on you as a patient; in fact, if anything, the amalgamation is beneficial to you because we are now offering tiered levels of fertility treatments. You will now no longer have to transfer if you decide to have a different treatment option than the one your doctor has suggested because we are offering all treatments under the one roof.

Patients will now be able to access all treatments offered by Fertility Solutions at the one location. This means you can start with lower level fertility treatments such as insemination (if your situation is suited for this) and then progress to other options if required such as our standard IVF treatment followed by our intermediate IVF treatment or more customised IVF treatment without having to change clinics or sign more consents for release of information.

We will continue to offer all patients the option of having their egg collection under the comfort of an anaesthetic at the hospital or whilst awake at the clinic.

3.  What are the differences in the various treatment options being offered?

The main difference with the various treatment options is with our IVF cycles. Depending on your situation, you may be suitable to have our standard IVF, which was previously the treatment model offered by Affordable IVF, where you have access to a cleavage stage transfer (day 2-3). If standard IVF is not suited to your situation then we can offer you intermediate IVF where you have access to a blastocyst transfer (day 5-6). Should neither of these options be suitable we can also offer you customised IVF treatment where there are many other approaches to IVF that can be tailored to your specific needs including the use of donor sperm or eggs. However, because there are certain criteria which need to be met, you will need to discuss this option with your doctor.

4.  What criteria do I need to meet so that I can access the standard/intermediate IVF option? 

To be able to access our entry level IVF service you will need to fit the following criteria:
  • Both partners have access to Medicare rebates
  • You must be using your own sperm and eggs (no donor sperm or eggs)
  • Only IVF or ICSI with fresh or frozen ejaculated sperm
  • The female must have a BMI
5.  If I want to change from the standard IVF approach to the intermediate level or even to more flexible customised IVF
     treatments or vice versa can I do this? 

Yes, of course, as long as your situation is suitable for the treatment option you want. All you need to do is have a chat with your specialist and then go from there.

6.  What are the differences between the various levels of IVF treatments? 

The main differences between standard IVF and intermediate IVF is that with standard IVF your embryo transfer will occur on day 2-3 post egg collection (cleavage) but with intermediate IVF the transfer will be on day 5-6 post egg collection (blastocyst).

The main difference between standard/intermediate IVF and customised IVF is that standard IVF only offers patients one specific treatment approach. Whilst you will see the same doctor for your treatment planning and follow up, there will be a roster system for the doctor who will be doing the egg collections. The nurses will perform all your scans and a nurse will perform your embryo transfer. As this approach is less complex it is also more cost effective.

With the more flexible customized IVF approach your own specialist monitors your cycle, performs your egg collection and your embryo transfer. With the more customised approach your specialist is able to offer you many more options that are not able to be offered with standard IVF such as different approaches to the IVF cycle, surgical sperm retrievals and donor treatments just to name a few.

7.  Are the differences between standard/intermediate IVF and more customised approach to IVF worth the $$ difference? 

With the standard/intermediate approach to IVF treatment your main contact is with a nurse whilst with the more flexible customised IVF treatments your contact is primarily with your specialist.

With the customised IVF treatment model, your specialist will perform your scans, egg collection and embryo transfer. With the standard/intermediate IVF model, these are performed by a nurse with the doctor rostered on doing the egg collection.

Using nurses for these procedures is more cost effective when compared to using a fertility specialist. Because of the many different approaches to IVF offered by the more customised IVF model, it often requires more intense planning, trouble shooting and specialist involvement along with more monitoring (eg, blood tests and scans). This model often involves a lot of extra work behind the scenes within all departments. Because of this the cycle costs with customised IVF are greater when compared to the standard/Intermediate IVF model that has a regular approach to treatment planning and monitoring.

For more information please feel free to call us on 1300 FERTILITY or 1300 LOW COST